Social Media Psychologist

The buzz of media presence week after week, the unexpected researchers calls, the attention seeking behaviours and so on. I find that the celebrity culture produces in each of them chronic self consciousness, and in some cases loneliness and self destructive behaviours. In particular is the loss of privacy and living in and out of hotel rooms and an unstable family life . There is the effect that celebrities have on their fans, can you imagine if this was the case in a years time after Michaela has done the TV circuits. How would teenagers react and could they fully understand the amorality of such criminal acts of behaviour and the confusion it creates in young minds of being a Glamour model after serving a short prison sentence for a major drug crime? She would then experience what we psychologists call “ parasocial interaction” which simply means that whilst the fans all or most will know her story, she will know little about them and the effects on their psychological development..

Social Media Psychologist

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